MORE BlendFour of the world's truly great coffee beans from three different continents make up our signature Blend. It's a full, rich and well rounded coffee with a medium body and a bright, memorable finish. Sharp yet sweet and smooth.

MORE EspressoOur Espresso blend has the right earthy combination of the Indonesian beans and the brightness and sharpness of the beans from the Americas, creating a full rich coffee with a stout body and thick creamy consistency.

Columbia Supremo Astor LibanoColumbia Supremo Astor Libano is grown around Neiva (capital of Huila district) and is one of the regions where the coffee bean is still of the traditional Tyipica variety which is of a much higher quality than the newer high yielding hybrids now grown in the rest of the country. There are only 7000 bags produces of this quality in a year. This fine coffee has a rich buttery and rounded flavor, and a medium to full body with a delicate aroma.

Sumatra MandhlingThis coffee is grown in the Ache province in North Sumatra by small farm holders who own a few trees each. The cherries are pulped by hand and dried in the sun, giving the coffee an earthy and slightly herbal aroma with a sweet heavy body and allow acidity flavor.

Guatemala SHB HuehuetenangoGuatemala SHB Huehuetenango is grown in the western highlands and is the best Guatemala has to offer. The higher altitude, rich soil and the temperate climate help to produce this very high quality coffee. It has the most complete and balanced flavor, fine acidity, medium body with slight spicy & chocolate overtones.

MORE Decaffeinated BlendA blend from the Pacific and Americas makes this a rich and full-bodied flavorful blend. Our combination brings out a surprising amount of richness especially in the aroma.

Decaffeinated MORE EspressoOur blend strikes th perfect balance between the earthy satisfaction of an Indonesia bean and the bright characteristics of the Americas, to give the same stout body and thick cream consistency as in our regular espresso blend.


قهوة مور

محمد موليدينا، جون ساليك، فوتر لاب مور، وعائلة موليدينا تقدم لكم أفخر أنواع القهوة المقطوفة يدوياً من جبال كينيا، سومطرة، جواتيمالا، البرازيل، كولومبيا ومناطق أخرى مختارة بعناية.

سنة 1926 تعهدت عائلة رشيد موليدينا وأجيالها المتعاقبة بالحصول على أجود حبوب القهوة الموجودة في الطبيعة.

ونظراً للشغف المتبادل بالجودة، ابتكرت كل من مور وعائلة موديلينا سلسلة من الخلطات المميزة التي لا يقدرها سوى عشاق القهوة الحقيقيين.

تفخر قهوة مور بتقديم قهوة تساعد وتدعم المجتمعات الشحيحة في انتاج القهوة

مور.. ليس مجرد اسم.. انه أسلوب حياة
يحمص طازجاً بكل فخر في دبي

اضغط على الخليط بالأسفل لمشاهدة مزيد من المعلومات
بواسطة ثلاثة أصدقاء:
Mohamed Moledina, John Salek and Wouter Lap

لا تنزعج

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