MORE Café opened its doors in 2002 within the Garhoud district of Dubai. It has since expanded its locations and is now well established within the heart of Dubai’s main business district and growing communities.  Over the next few years new MORE Cafes will be popping up all over the GCC.

The MORE concept is the brainchild of a Dutch partnership whose combined experiences expand more than 60 years of international exposure within a multi faceted range of different hospitality environments. The concept mirrors the fruition of this partnerships creativity, passion and awareness for understanding sustainable food trends within an aesthetically balanced and comfortable interior. This gives MORE its appeal and identity.

Behind all this is a traditional value which has been upheld by the partnership since its early beginnings. The MORE philosophy is to maintain the company as if it were family-run, where by all the team members are considered as family. Honesty, hard work, integrity and a “never-give-up” attitude are the main ingredients which drive MORE.

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Welcoming back the Friday Brunch at our More cafe in Bader Al Qurum soon!!

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MORE - a brand made in Dubai

MORE is a Dubai brand- born and bred- for a decade welcoming all cultures to come and feel at home >

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MORE Events and food for thought...
Bread and water can so easily be toast and tea >
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